Monday, July 19, 2010

Melting puppets

Hello party people. I have been having melting issues with my puppets. sniff sniff. The intense heat has been melting the glue off the puppets! Eyeballs peeling, seams opening! But the puppet hospital is always open here in the Liflander household!

And did you know, that in addition to the PV-2000 Puppet Vest, which has been a huge hit in the European vest market *just kidding* AND my new Sennheiser cordless microphone which I have used 3 times; AWESOME and a little daunting, I have A NEW FANTABULOUS ADDITION TO THE SHOW!? Folks at the Greenburgh Nature Center Show, on August 7th will meet and behold this new Jilly Puppets sensation!!!

NEWSFLASH! I have also been performing with the Bossy Frog Band, as the Bossy Frog! I wear a GIGANTIC frog costume and bust out my jazz moves as my froggy persona. It's INCREDIBLY FUN. Come check us out!