Saturday, August 28, 2010

As Fall approaches....

Hi puppet folks. Sorry no blog for a while. I was on vacation in beautiful, tree-filled Vermont (did a fun puppet show at a lovely wedding on a farm-I love wedding puppet shows because the adults are in the mood to party with the puppets too!) , and now we're gearing up for Fall! This morning at the Pleasantville Farmer's Market show, the children in the audience and I made a special make-believe "soup" with carrots, a dog bone, a chocolate crossoint (sp?) , muffin crumbs, iced tea, and pretend string beans. Yummers! I also spilled a container of body glitter on me before the show, so I was EXTREMELY sparkley this morning!
This evening, I am performing at the Brittney Rae Fitzgerald memorial fundraiser. Brittney, a high school senior, passed away last year after a long fight with stomach cancer. Her family has established a college scholarship fund. Come down to Kingsland Point Park this afternoon to support this worthy cause.

In other Jilly Puppet news, I am gearing up for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur puppet services. I have written some original uke songs, and have lots of fun stuff planned. If you are interested in attending services, please contact me privately (
Have a beautiful day.