Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Creative Vibes

I have a friend for whom this is the "Summer of Great Transition." For me, I have dubbed this extremely hot and humid time, "The Summer of Tremendous Creativity". I keep imagining myself as a crayoned outline picture in a coloring book, my whole interior covered with a waxy, multi-colored, layered crayon landscape-you know that side to side light and breezy crayon style? I also imagine myself as a (metaphorical) paint jug, filled to the very top of my head with thick dripping rainbow paints.(My brother affectionately calls these my "swirly vortex" images.) Filled with colors and textures and music and movement, I do feel lucky, blessed, joyously at home. Check out this Bossy Frog video-Much fun is this??? *I conducted a puppet residency at Ardsley Country Club Day Camp this summer which culminated in a puppet extravaganza to the tunes of "Party Rock Anthem," "Moves like Jagger," "Call me," "Star Wars" and the "Scooby Doo" theme! (I got a giggle every time I heard the music that the kids chose.) After 5 workshops, the final show was fabulous-sweaty and exuberant; It was delightful to watch the kids enjoying themselves and presenting their puppets. I am so pleased to have met the director, Laura Poiss, who is a rockstar educator and artist. *More dance-Ooooh, I am working on a piece at the Tarrytown Y with Stephen Ursprung. Stephen has been leading me through writing and choreography exercises and I am developing a very personal piece (oooh,I love it so much). I am going to try a costume concept tonight! Who knows what the next step will's a delicious mystery. So there's also been the artist support network (OpenCanvas) at The Purple Crayon that Naomi, Sarah and I launched (stay tuned for more information about the first meeting in September!), attending the Hip Hop festival in Philadelphia (PLEASE ask me to tell you about that-I love talking about Illadelph), my new dance teachers at the Y (a beautiful adventure), getting my frog on with tons of Bossy Frog performances (hip hop,banjo and frog costumes are a perfect match, in case you were wondering) and a Butterfly show coming up this Saturday at the Greenburgh Nature Center.
Thank you to all of the muses out there...sending creative vibes right back out there to you. Love, xojilly