Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rockin' with the Bossy Frog Band 12/30 Nyack theater

Ooh, was that fun. I have wanted to jam with the Bossy Frog Band for a few years, ever since Lily and I started being 'groupies' 2 or 3 years ago. I introduced the band with a little Big Bertha 'warm up' about listening, dancing and sitting as audience members, and then told a story in the middle (Baby wanted to 'accomplish' some things before the year ended-like climbing a mountain, riding on a giant fish's back, and putting her head into the mouth of a tiger) after a quiet song.
I introduced Big Bertha, a larger puppet than I usually use. I am in love with her-she's so squishy and bouncy. She definitely reminds me of my late Bubbe Lena. Big Bertha is a good dancer too! She has been riding around with me in the passenger seat of my car (seatbelt on of course) so that I could get used to her in different situations.
I was working from the stage, which is different than my usual audience immersion. By the second show, I think that I started to get the hang of it more-I have grown used to having the puppets interact intimately with the kids-shaking hands, coming right near their faces, and I can read the audience's reactions better.
I am super grateful that Jeffrey Friedberg invited me to work with him and the Milk and Cookies theater, raising money for the Rockland Parent Child Center. He's a truly gifted performer and sharing a stage with him and his band members was an honor. What a way to close out 2009! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cure for the Winter Blues...

Now that I'm 39....

Hi party people! This upcoming week is going to be chock full of puppet fun. I'll be performing 2 shows at Lily's school (she has requested my Beastie Boys Chanukkah homage), filming a video, THEN-the Warner Library Chanukkah show, a joint show with the Gimmel class at the Hebrew Congregation of Somers on Sunday and another show that afternoon in CT! Yipparee!
And did I mention that Pete Kahn, from HCS, is helping me build a website? So exciting!