Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Zone of proximal development

So I have lived with my website being VERY FAR from what I'd like it to be. But I couldn't seem to fix it, and I also couldn't spent the $600-$3000 or so that it would take to bring my it closer to a fabulous and dreamy site. I attempted some templates, a friend spent a morning tutoring me on a website-making program, but then when it came time for me to execute the changes, I just couldn't pull it off. The website became relegated to lower and lower on my priority list. And every time I handed someone my business card, I muttered-"The website is really bad. I'm working on it." My technologically savvy husband Mark agreed to work with me this morning to create something new and wonderful. I was 'in it to win it' for the first few hours, until Mark said to me, "Ok. I am going to go back to my work. You can take it from here." "What?!?" I exclaimed, just like my daughter when I ask her to tie her own shoes or make the bed. "I can't!!! I can't do it! Can't you just walk me the whole way?" "Jill...you've got this." I threw a minor tantrum (so weird how this stuff makes me about 5 years old!!!) and sat down at the computer where I botched the work that Mark and I had started in the morning. The background went from beautiful pink to murky mauve, the lettering became navy blue (How did that happen????) and the graphics moved into non-geometric formations. But just like the educational theory of taking kids to where they think that they can't do it, guiding them a bit and then letting them realize their potential (zone of proximal development), after an hour or two of frustration, I started to get the hang of some skills. I could move text! I could insert a picture! With Mark's skilled edit, this website could be almost decent! I did it! I am truly amazed at how masterfully this process evolved. I feel like Mark just 'schooled' me in a profound learning experience. He set up the 'scaffolding' for me, I climbed up, messed up a lot, and then scored! And now I am going to eat a piece of dark chocolate. Check out my new website, folks!! Um, but not quite yet. :)