Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thoughts: Dress Rehearsal day

Today I am holding my first dress rehearsal for puppet choreography that will debut(I LOVE THAT WORD!!!) this Saturday at the Arts Rock Puppet festival. I have invited some friends to be a 'dress rehearsal' audience at my studio and I am planning to go all out-UNITARD AND ALL!!! *I have not sported a unitard since college.* Here's something that hasn't happened in years-I ran out of glue gun sticks last night and finally finished up a ten pound batch of Poly-Fil(Poly-Fil is puppet stuffing. It weighs next to nothing, so a ten pound box has lasted me at least 3 years.) I have been repairing puppets for weeks, rebuilding ones that have gotten ratty from dragging them across stages and having kids play with them-I love when the kids get to hold my puppets after the show and see that they are made from everyday materials. I have been incorporating dance into my puppet shows for a while now, but this is really the first time that I am full-out dancing for 8 minutes with them in a choreographed number. I am extremely excited, deep-in-my chest focused, and planning to enjoy every moment up there on the stage of the Nyack Center!