Tuesday, April 12, 2011

warm fuzzy

I am sitting here on my sofa snuggling with my youngest child on a rainy day. I'm reflecting on a show from yesterday that was a total warm fuzzy. First of all, I didn't use a microphone. I felt lighter, less encumbered...getting set up was a breeze. Secondly, unbeknownst to me, the audience primarily consisted of children diagnosed with special needs.
Before the show began, I had decided to move slowly through transitions, to take my time and really interact with the children and the puppets. The kids were incredible-they laughed so hard throughout much of the show, which made me clown around more and exaggerate my facial expressions and silliness. The more they laughed, the more gratified I felt. I am smiling right now, thinking about it.
About 2/3 through the show, a little boy in the front row began crying, and I mean CRYING. He was probably as loud as any small human being could be. I waited for a minute or two before asking him if he wanted to come up in front with me. He stopped crying. I kept my left hand on his shoulder and my right hand continued with the puppets and the story. He stood next to me for the remainder of the show-it was a very special experience for me.