Tuesday, August 6, 2013

House party!!!

Wow. Time warp. I have a lot to catch up on, but first, here's some reflections from Saturday night's house dance party at Naomi Vladek and Eric Putter's house! I perform house parties all of the time, with The Bossy Frog Band and with Jilly Puppets and now as an independent choreographer. The closeness and involvement with the artistic experience that a house party allows, participants and artists situated together in living rooms, back yards and basements, for BOTH the artist and the participants is a beautiful, connective and extremely human experience. Think about life 200 years ago (in my fantasy world!). Neighbors and families would gather to sing and tell stories and dance together. I love that we are bringing that togetherness back, infusing our souls with personal encounters with the arts that change us, motivate us to seek connective expressions, to build communities, to support the arts for their power and value in our complicated world. I enjoyed Saturday night's house dance performance so profoundly--dancing two feet away from my friends and neighbors, the awareness that they could hear my breathing, see the sweat building on my body, perceive my facial expressions and literally be a part of the performance- I felt connected. Performing in that warm setting was a reciprocal experience; I could hear the audience too- their exclamations, laughter, surprise and delight. Watching Stephen Alex Tracy-Ursprung perform a structured improv was a magnificent, beautiful, transformative artistic moment. My heart is still glowing from Saturday's Sleepy Hollow house performance. And now, I wonder what's next?