Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jilly Puppets Rocks!

"Fun, creative, wacky, informative. The kids were captivated from beginning to end!"
Glenn Berger, LCSW
"Jill Liflander, puppet extraordinaire, is a portal from our world to the magical land of the puppets!" -Gabrielle age 12
"A charming imaginative show that will delight and educate your kids and will make you laugh and sigh."-Kate H. Muchnick-New Haven, CT.

"I couldn't stop watching the delight on the children's faces!"-Leslie grandmom of 13
"Best entertainment I've seen for preschool children. My kids were enthralled for the entire hour." --Pam L. Greenwich, CT

Bugs Puppet Show Part 1 - June '08

Bugs Puppet Show Part 2

Bugs Puppet Show Part 3

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