Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My fabulous Dad and monkeys

My father came up to visit today from Philadelphia and we wrote a story together-about monkeys.
I have always found monkeys (and mice, unfortunately), hilarious. I used to sit at my father's desk for hours, drawing monkeys and mice, in little outfits-nurse monkeys, ballet mice, short monkeys, fancy mice.... I'd zerox the pictures and hand them out to friends. My friends would be making out behind the bushes as I handed them a picture of a farmer monkey. Neighbors would be watching "Thundercats" and eating Doritos as I drew hundreds of mice on an 8x10 piece of paper, all dressed in different outfits- all possessing a variety of characters and nuances that only my mice and my monkeys could embody.
So today, my father and I wrote a monkey story together. I can't tell you the story just YET, but let's just say that it contains (but is not limited to)the following: pop music, vines,sisterly relationships, responsiblity vs. freedom, bananas (of course), community celebrations and jungle antics. Sounds fantastic? It is-because I wrote it with my Dad, and he's a cool monkey. xoxojilly

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