Thursday, November 7, 2013


I am renting a small dance studio in Tarrytown to practice my dance choreography and rehearse with my puppets. I am so often filled with dread the morning before entering the studio: It's just me in there! It's so hard to face myself, alone with the mirrors and the clock and the hard wood floors, with what feels like too little physical energy, or a lack of creative direction, or the solitude of the endeavor. But I am not really alone in there, if I am listening. I am filled with stories and breath and sounds and freedom. All of this accompanies me when I do face myself and allow my body to move freely, to find whatever is out there, within myself. And this is why I am an artist. Connecting with this force fills me with so much gratitude, hope, faith, and peacefulness. Thank you everybody who believes in me, and in the power of art to heal.

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