Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boy Scout Puppet Workshop!

What a great experience tonight! I had the honor of leading a Boy Scout workshop tonight in Ossining!
I started off the workshop by explaining how I came to puppeteering...trial and error career-wise, and then showed the first puppets that I made-Baby, then Gertrude...on to Fishie and Encephalopod, then Wormie, Bluebird, KooKoo, Parrot, Nicey Nice....through the whole gang. It was neat for me to see all of the puppets lined up (Rainbow Wiggles was absent tonight. He had a gig).

The Boy Scouts were amazing listeners-engaged, funny and sweet, and then they had a chance to take the puppets for a ride. The rule was-no puppet fights. Gentle puppets. After the boys had a chance to play with my puppets, it was time for them to do some creating.

At the craft table, the boys experimented with materials as they developed their puppets. I was MAJORLY impressed. Some of the materials that were used were: egg crates, chopsticks, plastic cups, pipe cleaners, an oatmeal container, tights, socks, feathers, (did anyone end up using the yogurt containers?) polyfil, plastic gloves, shoe boxes, paint and markers, pom poms....
I am probably missing a few!
Their puppets were masterful. I am truly blown away by their creativity. The boys in the Boy Scout Puppet Workshop in Ossining tonight are fantastic puppeteers.

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