Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So I am preparing mentally and puppet-ally for two TREE-HUGGING puppet shows coming up-this Sat. July 9 at 10:30 Greenburgh Nature Center and the following Sat. at the Warner Library in Tarrytown-11:30 am.
I am thinking about trees a lot these days (shade, beauty, the seasons, trees from my childhood, fruit, bugs and animals living up there, oxygen and carbon dioxide...), looking at em-lush and fragrant in the summer, having puppets tell me stories about them, designing costumes(costume changes!!!)...I actually have a lot of work to do before this weekend!!!
But what I focus the most on is how to communicate the essence of what this show is about, which is-APPRECIATING AND LOVING TREES.
I am also on a new kick to get more sleep, so I'll sign out to go have some tea.
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peace, love, tree-hugging and using the back of school flyers to make lists,

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