Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hello. It's fitting that I am working on a BUTTERFLY show for the Greenburgh Nature Center, because I truly feel like I too am in a period of metamorphosis as an artist. I am attracted more and more to the dance world and am searching for ways to bring more choreography into my puppet shows. Last weekend, I began working on a piece, all dance-and created a fairy-like costume. I don't know whether I will construct wings for the dance piece, or leave the movements to speak for themselves. But people come to my shows expecting to see puppets, so I am attempting to craft a whole new set of puppets for the rest of the show. I made one prototype butterfly puppet with wire and diaphanous fabric; I have A LONG way to go before it's breathtaking! I am planning to include more instruments too for the children-I am smitten with a new affection for the tambourine-and definitely want to play around with it's sound and movement. But it's still all mostly in the inspiration ether-the puppets are somewhere in my unconscious, waiting to be crafted. I have a whole new batch of silky fabric from a friend, and spankin' new fabric scissors too (!) so I have the tools. I just need 5 straight hours of inspired art time, lots of music playing and dancing while I glue gun and try not to burn myself with the boiling hot glue. Hope to see you at some Spring and Summer shows! peace, love and METAMORPHOSIS!
Jilly PS-A special shout out to Ossining's Earth Day celebration. Thanks so much for having me. What a beautiful event.

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