Monday, April 29, 2013

A million dollars

After a weekend of performing-Saturday with the Bossy Frog Band and Sunday as Jilly Puppets, I feel like a million dollars. I am filled with so much positive feeling about what I do and the many gifts that it brings, that I might as well be sitting here surrounded by piles of glittering gold. Being with the children and their families, whether it's in my six foot Bossy Frog costume or in a goofy Jilly Puppets get-up, means the world to me. I get to dance, sing, play, tell stories in all sorts of ways, teach valuable information, and learn about what motivates people to laugh-what brings people together to share in communal experiences. I am going to bed tonight feeling so rich, so full, and so blessed to have such dynamic,zesty,unique, and life-enriching work.

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