Sunday, May 5, 2013

A 5 year Anniversary at the Warner Library!

These pictures are from my first public puppet show in May 2008: Today, as I was setting up for my Spring Puppet show in the children's room at the Warner Library, I realized that my first public puppet show occured in that same space, almost exactly 5 years before! I had planned a Mother's Day tribute show for May 2008, and Patty Cohn, the children's librarian at the Warner Library, gave me a green light to try my hand at public puppeteering. Dressed in my Wonder Woman costume, my sister in law Kate holding my four month old daughter in a pouch, I gave it my all and began the journey. It's cool having markers-remembering how it felt to do that show-how many months and late nights it took me to plan the show, using store-bought Folkmanis puppets, having a fussy baby to watch out of the corner of my eye and being covered in sweat as I juggled the throngs of kids and the newness of performing. I remember feeling so vulnerable after that show.

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